The mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church of College Park is to be a welcoming and supportive community of faith which offers itself to the Lord Jesus Christ in corporate worship which has a special care for all of God’s children in its neighborhood and which stimulates its members to be open to God’s call to risk, to grow, and to use their gifts in service to others. In support of our mission, the members of St. Andrew’s strive to:

  1. Provide a supportive environment for open communications within our parish
  2. Experience more deeply the Christian tradition
  3. Provide opportunities for new people to enter into this community
  4. Rediscover continually that we belong to each other and are one in Christ
  5. Participate wholeheartedly in corporate worship
  6. Know and care about all individuals in our parish
  7. Familiarize ourselves with, and serve human needs within parish boundaries
  8. Develop a positive relationship between the parish and the college community
  9. Grow in our awareness of, and response to, societal needs beyond the parish
  10. Strengthen our relationship with the diocese.